About: Hi, I’m 25

Memes, cartoon, heels, tights and wine. I have been straddling a fine line between lady-like sophistication and child-like tantrums for a few years now, hoping to fall into a category I can define. Being the modern, Facebook savvy, NY 1 watching gal that I am, I have encountered an army of age-identify-challenged youths that have banded under the same dilemma caused by the incurable 20’s. I am sure you’ve heard…its an epidemic plaguing 1990’s kids all over this great nation of ours. I think they call us millennials?

The symptoms range from indecision to impersonal dating mishaps, 7 roommate first apartments, and hashtags for every cause. Based on the above (Uber, Facebook, Instagram, Seamless…definitely not Excel) and other highly specialized qualifications, it has been unanimously resolved that there is no escaping the ailment that plagues us! Gasp, I know; we just have to grin and bear it. However, being we stand in solidarity via our social platforms, more than ever before, we have the ability to share our knowledge to our struggling counterparts.

(Drum roll) WELCOME to my piece of the pie! Perhaps what I write will make you laugh, think, and shudder, or nod in approval as I share with you what I have learned, what I will learn, tales from the seam (get it?) and other anecdotes that will make you want to roll up those Thigh Highs and take life with a side of Humble Pie.

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